About The Autograph Gallery.

Based in the Strand in London, we are ideally positioned to obtain some of the most exclusive signatures in the business. Having numerous sources of supply we aim to cover all areas from latter day to modern.

We carry large stocks which are continually changing, therefore items you see here on the site may no longer be available for sale. In this instance we are usually able to offer a similar item or source one for you, providing you with an efficient, friendly service.

Specialising in many areas we have some very unique items and often have these mounted by a professional framer. Should you wish any item to be mounted, please contact us with your requirements.


We regularly publish printed list's which include hundreds of our latest items. To be posted one, please send us your name and full postal address here.

If you have any other questions or particular 'wants', please contact us here.

The Autograph Gallery, 79 Strand, London WC2R 0DE, UK.
Telephone: 0207 836 2341 . Fax: 0207 240 5419 .
International Customers: +44207 836 2341
Email address: enquiries@theautographgallery.com

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